Amelia Scalies – I Should Have Known


You can tell an old soul by the impression they make on the world and by the footprint they leave. Sometimes it can come out in a passionate speech, a social movement, or a song that is sung.
Amelia Scalies is definitely housing a soul that is aged and wise. At 14 years old this Philadelphia, PA powerhouse is making impressions with her soulful Indie-pop music in a way that is moving and highly impressive. Her debut album I Should’ve Known embodies the cares and thoughts of someone her age but also comes from a place that has delved into much deeper territory.

Upon first listen I’d no idea this voice was coming from someone who was a quarter century my junior. My ears pricked up to the strength and delivery of this character, and when her age was revealed I was absolutely floored. Not only can she sing like the dickens, her words are stirring and wise beyond their years. Take “Phoenix” for example ‘You can try and hurt me, but you’re never going to burn me, because I’ll stay a phoenix, be born from the ashes again.’ Sure, it’s not the most uncommon tongue and stringing pretty words together isn’t exactly rocket science, but here’s a kid speaking of heartbreak in a way that even some adults would be stumped at expressing so eloquently and with conviction. Wherever the words and tones of this song came from, I believe in it. It comes from a real place, and hence that old soul comes shining through.
Even more powerful is the closing track “Don’t Let Them Win”, a song written when she was only 10 years old, dealing with the impact of bullying on children. A beautifully written piece that acts as an empowering anthem for kids affected by a very real plague in the school system, “Don’t Let Them Win” is sing-along awesome and a moving bit of music.

Amelia Scalies sings with a voice that hits on all levels of emotional impact, writes a song like someone who has seen it all, and has a lyrical message that is definitely worth the attention.

The next time someone tries to pass off a young teenager as playing with folly they ought to have a listen to this girl because she sits like a little Buddha in a lotus flower, with the world at her fingertips and a wide open future.

~ Nathan Pike



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