CD Review – “Cours-la-Reine/Sands” by UK indie rockers Affairs

With equal parts Morrissey-type darkness and The Clash-inspired upbeat post-punk, up-and-coming UK band Affairs have a classic yet modern sound on their new two track release entitled “Cours-la-Reine/Sands”. Singer James Robinson sounds eerily similar to Morrissey, as he croons over the  atmospheric and almost operatic textures in the bands music. “Sands” has a beat that’s quite amped up, and the musicianship is stellar, with a stunning rhythm section in Daniel Parker, Liam Grindell, Jack Richards, and Mike Bradnam. The song-writing process seems to be quite intuitive, as the instruments weave in and out effortlessly, never taking too much space but instead preferring to pass the torch. This kind of intuitive game was very strong in the music of The Doors, where John Densmore, Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger would treat the music more like a chess game than a jam.

Your enjoyment of Affairs will largely depend on your love of their moody UK predecessors such as Joy Division and The Smiths, and you can bet these guys will be getting their fair share of comparisons being thrown around. Musically, there is a distinct heaviness, and Affairs excel at weaving an epic web around the listener.

Check out Affairs at their Facebook page.

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