Grown Up Avenger Stuff – Alive

Charlotte, North Carolina’s Grown Up Avenger Stuff is made up of the brothers Hunter (bass), Tyler (drums), John Thomsen (guitar) and a singer named Deirdre Kroener. Together they hammer out some super-powered exciting music that rings with a positive edge. A bit ska, a bit rock, a bit cabaret stage show madness and a bunch of cheek, Grown Up Avenger Stuff will stoke your inner child and shake the dust from your weary old person bones. Their second release is a short, tight, and sweet little EP called Alive and it’s about as rousing as it gets. Five songs that will get the heart beating faster as a shankin’ skankin’ dance springs to your step and a cute little smile plasters upon your lips, this I can promise.

Unless you’re dead, but even then, imagine them live! Holy crap!!

Alive wastes no time coming to life. The tribal beat of the opening cut, “Morning Noon and Night” is enough to grab you by the collar and shake you awake, then it gets all raunchy with its fuzzed out guitar and bratty punch. Tracks like “Now” and “Here” are ultimately empowering, energetic as heck, and ripe with lyrical content bordering on conflicted yet confident and self-aware.

Beautiful noise by a band that slays on so many levels while fronted by ace vocalist Deirdre who effortlessly plays the balance between all powerful high end timbre and low end raging growl. To say the woman is a powerhouse would only be scratching the surface. It is her endurance and range that impresses me the most, although I’ve always found something so undeniably exciting about a woman singer who can scream her throat bloody and invoke a certain sweetness all during the course of a couple of songs. Even better when she’s part of a band that is serial killer.

Grown Up Avenger Stuff gets the music loving part of my heart all excited. The band is quick and to the point, kind of like punk rock on a positive bent. Kind of like a dramatic rock opera but dirty and proud. Kind of like a musical BBQ party held in a muddy backyard with only 30 guests, a few toddlers and 3 misbehaving dogs. Kind of like really good music.

~ Nathan Pike




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