Jackslacks release 2 new singles

Band: Jackslacks
Single Reviews: Lucky Man / Best Friend Gone Away

by Diane Hill edited by Michael Rand


This San Diego based band has captured the rockabilly sound perfectly. They’ve also turned me into a fan of rockabilly, or at least made me realize that I like rockabilly.

The first song, “Best Friend Gone Away,” has an excellent beat to it. I admire anyone who can play the drums and sing at the same time. There is an excellent guitar solo and the whole tune just makes me feel good. I love the line “She sees me on the inside.” There are only certain songs I would listen to while I’m driving and this is one of them. It has such an upbeat tempo and the voice is so smooth. I have the desire to listen to this cut over and over again until I learn the words so I can sing-along. It also has an excellent bass line and the harmonies are right on. I also love the rhythmic clapping.

The second song, “Lucky Man,” is a little more mellow, but still has an excellent beat. I’m drawn to this one because I’m a sucker for harmony. The guitar solos have more of a country feel to them which fits perfectly for this piece. It definitely has a Chuck Berry kind of feel.

I never thought I was a fan of rockabilly but this band proved me wrong! I look forward to hearing more from this outfit. They sure earned a place in my playlist.

Overall Rating – 9 out of 10.

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  • Rick

    Rocking tracks for sure!

  • Johnny

    Just checked out Jackslacks webpage at Reverbnation…cool site.

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