Mutt’s Company – Jump Ship

There are a lot of tentacles touching upon a lot of different sounds on Jump Ship, the impressive debut EP from Copenhagen, Denmark’s Mutt’s Company. Blessed with talent and great production, the band has a keen ability to solidly nail down their chosen genre specifics in a short space of time. For instance, on the title track you are teased with a burst of roots rock that sounds like it could have been born in the Maritimes. And then there’s “Country Song” which, though stepped in rock, has a vague folk country twang and twitter that reminds me a tad of Vancouver, Canada’s Parlour Steps. Further on tunes glimmer with large pop rock sensibility, tensing and exploding at just the right moments, providing clear proof that this music is the result of four very accomplished players culling from a deep musical background.

Think retro sounding roots rock with a modern hard rock edge and the picture begins to paint itself.

Vocalist Rasmus Nielsen has a stirring sky-high vocal ability that plays an integral part in keeping this music together. Pair that with the guitar styling of Jeff Jørgensen whose wild drawn out playing fills every nook and cranny as the bass and drums keep it meaty.

At times lyrically melancholic but far from a downer, Mutt’s Company is a band that knows how to write a good pop song as well as play one. Perhaps it is the high end and very distinguishable lyrics that tell the tale and pull you in, or maybe it is the quick grab at influence they take, but just quick enough for the listener to vaguely place while still hearing a band doing it’s own thing and proceeding to knock it out of the park on more than a couple of occasions based entirely on the sheer uplift and charge of their songs.

In the way that Oasis were able to create a wall of pop rock beauty or how the Beatles could take a sobering lyric and fit it into a hopeful sounding psychedelic song, Mutt’s Company has been studying the best of them and evolved into something very unique and ear-worthy.

~ Nathan Pike

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