Njiqahdda – :Lerus:

 Last year, the duo known as Njiqahdda released my favorite metal record of 2011 (#2 fav. record of the whole year) with their album The Path of Liberation From Birth and Death. After releasing some smaller EPs and a couple albums from their side-projects the band went through a bit of a rough patch financially and so releases were put on hold until recently. Though this was released last year, I really didn’t get the chance to listen to it until recently.

The three songs on here are dedicated to a friend of the band’s who unfortunately passed away. You can definitely tell that the band were in a different mindset when they were writing/performing these three songs. Though the opening title-track certainly reflects a similar approach to the more technical side the band really surprised fans with on their last full-length, it is a lot more melodic and streamlined in comparison (despite still topping 16 minutes). Is it still dissonant? Yes. Is it still chaotic? Yes. But it’s still just as awesome as the band has always been. It’s definitely my personal favorite track on this EP.

The other two tracks on here are far more experimental. Both Tohle and Interment are really where I could see the band using this EP as a tribute to say farewell to their friend. Neither track is all that heavy to be honest, with the former track acting as an interlude between the two lengthy opening and closing tracks. It’s a sort of jazzy piano based track that is quite different and out of character for the band, though still crafted excellently (as expected). The closer ends things on a rather somber note, with the duo bringing their more ambient based side to the forefront. As the longest track on here, it undoubtedly sets a mood more so than any of the previous tracks do, let alone anything the band has released in quite a while under this project. The whole thing accumulates into a beautiful, simplistic acoustic section that closes out the album.

It really doesn’t matter too much what I say in regards to the quality of this release because I have yet to hear a Njiqahdda album that has disappointed me in any way. Do yourself a favor and check these boys out if you haven’t heard of them and head over to EEE Recordings to check out albums from all of their various projects (along with a couple really good other groups as well). If you have some spare change, feel free do send a buck or two their way so we can keep up the stream of fantastic releases from these guys!

Track List:

  1. Lerus
  2. Tohle
  3. Interment

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