Rooftop Runners – “Energize” music video


Pulsing. Pulsing. Pulsing.
This is the word that has rustled around in my brain ever since hearing this very cool track from Victoria, Canada bred turned Berlin, Germany transplants, Rooftop Runners.

“Energize” is a song that can be found on last years shadowy electro rock EP called We Are Here. Of the four downtempo bass, piano, beats and voice heavy tunes on this record, Benedikt and Tobias MacIsaac decided to revisit and rework this one, adding more meat and potatoes into the mix as well as making a video for it. Directed and choreographed entirely by them, the video is of a large studio draped in cloth, easy lighting and filters placed just right, and the black T-shirt and slacks clad kin united in a kind of cross between interpretive dance, just plain groovin’, and contact yoga meditation. You don’t see much of their faces as they are seemingly caught in the pulse of movement, which is rendered quite well. Wave like, or like a sheet left to dry on a line, dancing in the wind. The boys spin, groove, undulate and pulse their way through as the steady bass and drum rhythm keep metronomic time, reminding me of a heartbeat, or the inner sounds of blood flow.

“Energize” is ripe with kinetic force and the added instrumentation lends more depth and drive to a formally starker and less chunky piece of music. The forms of Tobias and Ben illuminated in understated lighting, sometimes lit with a spotlight and sometimes cast in dark shadows tell a story through body movement that is really fun to watch. It is pulsing and a testament to the very real fact that sometimes less is so much more.

I confess that some of my very favorite bands in life have been 2-piecers. There is something about the simplicity of a duo that has consistently stoked my fire and when done up right, the results can be an instantaneous flow of energy that speaks volumes about talent and can be truly a lovely listening experience. Like many of those fresh sounding duos that have stoked my inner music nerd, the brothers Tobias and Benedikt MacIsaac, with their dark take on pulsing electro-pop rock are fast becoming a favored listen.

~ Nathan Pike

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