The Como Brothers Band – Baby Steps


Baby Steps is only the second full length album from New York based duo The Como Brothers Band, but Andrew and Matt Como sound like they’ve been at it for far longer than the few short years they’ve been alive. Although growing up in a family who adores music and has a rich history of jamming at parties with friends and brethren alike can have a profound effect on the children who bear witness and can either steer the impressionable mind headlong into further creation or further away from it. Thank goodness the Como brothers went the way of music because the stuff they have in them is excellent and Baby Steps is a testament to the influence that surrounded them as well as an honest to God love of what they do.

Sound wise The Como Brothers Band are not only well and able to touch upon a contemporary vibe but they also hit up bluesy folk along with some rock to keep things edgy. I’m even willing to bet that they could pen a damned fine Christmas album if they wanted to, and It is this reaching out to a ton of genres with a classy and respectful nod that makes this album a cool little package.

“Gotta Be True” kicks off the album in tight fashion, showcasing a bit of a bluesy vibe with some bright horns and a backing organ that adds a warm fuzzy quality. “Only Me” and “Make a Move” are gems that show just how good these guys are at writing and performing punchy pop songs that I could easily see catching radio play while pristine smokey tunes like “Late Nights” will have you reeling and rocking and wondering where this duo came from.

That answer is quite simple, straight from the heart.

With a diversity that rings of sheer talent the Como Brothers Band undeniably have put a little class back into the musical landscape with Baby Steps, and this is a very welcome gift in this day and age.

~ Nathan Pike

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