The Tomas Doncker Band – Power of the Trinity…a Slight Return

The Tomas Doncker Band
There is some wonderfully good mojo and wide-open heart on this uplifting EP from New York musician Tomas Doncker. Clocking in just under 30 minutes, The Power of the Trinity…a Slight Return carries its message across the ages and feels completely timeless.

Opening with the rousing “Brooklyn 2 Ethiopia”, you immediately get a good feel for what Doncker and crew are playing at, which is spiritual healing through the sounds of music and the word. Big crispy horns, amazing backing vocals that stir up the emotions, and exciting driving beats that carry the message clearly, “Global Soul” is an apt genre description for this music, as it is indeed very soulful and inclusive of race, gender, or spiritual upbringing.

Acting as a mini soundtrack to a staged musical performance piece that pays tribute to Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie, The Power of the Trinity is no half-assed funky opera. The stage show itself is almost even more dynamic than the music, complete with dramatic storytelling, whirlwind dancing, and a top-drawer band to make it whole and complete. This is music for the world and a true meditation on oneness and healing through our joining of hands as one nation.
With a great cast of musicians and creators from around the world, The Tomas Doncker band bring something vivid, exciting and wholly important in a time of need.

It’s not quite soul or afro-beat or jazz, and it’s not quite world music. It is, however, a whole lot of beat and energy. And it is global as can be!

~ Nathan Pike




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